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Pilot Application Process

Thank you for your interest in joining FedEx Virtual Air Cargo. Please take a few moments to read over our Pilot requirements for joining. It may seems lengthy but there is a lot of information that will help you decide if you want to join us and if you do decide to join us what our expections are from you. The SOP is intended to familiarize our pilots with the expectations of FedEx Virtual Air Cargo (vac) as well as our policies and procedures within the operations of FedEx vac.

This handbook may be modified with or without notice to the members of FedEx vac as needed. All updates will be reflected by version number and date of modification (DOM) on the last page as well as link title. It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure they have the latest version.

It is our goal to maintain a fun, responsive and efficient atmosphere to all of the members of FedEx vac.


Information We Collect During the application process you will be asked to provide your full name, email address as well as age. We do not accept applications from pilots younger than 16 years of age.

The information obtained will only be used for login and notification purposes. Your information will not be sold and will be safeguarded against loss or theft by all reasonable means. Your information will only be retained during your membership with FedEx vac to fulfill these purposes.

FedEx vac is not a commercial website or corporation and is in no way affiliated with FedEx or any other airline. All logos, images and trademarks remain the property of their respective owners. FedEx vac is a non-profit organization intended for flight simulation enthusiasts for flight simulation purposes only.



  • 16 years of age or older
  • Maintain a valid email address
  • Own a LEGAL copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, MSFS X-SE, X-Plane or Prepared 3D
  • Complete two (2) flights each month minimum

Complete the application online accessible via the "Join Us" page at www.fedexvac.org New applicants can expect an approval or denial within the following week (7 days). Any applicants experiencing a delay longer than a week are encouraged to email the COO at coo@fedexvac.org. FedEx vac does NOT transfer hours from previous airlines. This is solely because we do not restrict pilots to certain aircraft. Upon acceptance into FedEx vac, you represent this virtual airline and are required to conduct yourselves appropriately. Please refer to the conduct portion of this handbook.

Each pilot is required to fly two (2) flights per month. Pilots who fail or refuse to comply are subject to their account becoming inactive without notice.

LOA is only for eligible and active pilots. Pilots must have a minimum of six (6) flights with FedEx vac in order to be eligible for LOA. Military Leave Of Absence (MLOA) shall be granted prior to completion of two (2) months.

Personal LOA is limited to 3 months (90 days) max. Pilot must meet criteria above and LOA will not be granted if pilot is considered "inactive" (see inactivity section of this handbook). Personal LOA will be cancelled if pilot completes a flight while on LOA or if the 90 day period has expired with no contact.

We at FedEx vac understand that our military members may be called to serve at any time for extended periods. We also thank our military members and veterans as well as their families for your service. MLOA will be granted as long as pilot is not considered "inactive" (see inactivity section of this handbook). There is no limit to length of MLOA.
We do ask, if and when possible, that pilot make contact and keeps us aware of intentions.

We at FedEx vac like to keep an active roster. We feel we have many accommodations we can make to help. If pilot is considered inactive or LOA has expired, pilot may be subject to termination without prior notice. FedEx vac will not, in any way, at any time, tolerate bullying or harassment. Racial, religious, political or sexual preference attacks, verbally or otherwise, will not be tolerated. Any abuse of such should be reported to ceo@fedexvac.org and/or coo@fedexvac.org. An investigation will be conducted in a timely and discrete manner. Any member found involved in above acts, will be terminated and added as "no rehire".

All pilots, on good standing with FedEx vac are eligible for rehire. All pilots, upon rehire, will maintain their hours, flights etc. All rehired pilots are subject to same terms as new hires.

Online & Flight Activity

Vatsim allows us as virtual pilots the ability to fly within a realistic experience with professional ATC and a fun environment. We at FedEx vac strongly recommend pilots to fly on the Vatsim network especially during events. Vatsim is free to join at www.vatsim.net and all FedEx vac pilots are required to follow the Vatsim Code of Conduct and Code of Regulations. Failure to conduct yourself as a representative of FedEx vac in a professional manner as by Vatsim & FedEx vac rules and regulations, could result in termination of membership to FedEx vac without notice.

FedEx vac does offer a free Teamspeak server for all members to use. FedEx vac does strongly recommend that this tool be utilized by all pilots as there is generally someone there who can assist with anything from software problems to VFR flight planning. Teamspeak also allows you, the pilot, to engage with other pilots who share your interest in this hobby from all over the world. Please see the "conduct" section of this handbook to ensure all help to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere.

SmartCARS is the pilot client used as the ACARS of choice for FedEx vac. Download and installation is simple as the client is developed to run on most operating systems. All flights flown for FedEx vac must be flown with the smartCARS ACARS system for pilot to gain credit for the flight flown. All flights flown for FedEx vac must have valid routing. Example: Pilot is flying from Memphis (KMEM) to Oakland (KOAK). This flight is typically 1,800 miles. If your routing takes you through Alaska and Hawaii, your route is NOT valid. Cheating, such as flying a 3 hour flight in 17 hours, or flying on more than one system to gain hours is not permitted and leaves pilot subject to termination. Pilots found to have questionable flights will be contacted for explanation. If none is given and problem continues, termination will happen without notice. Time acceleration, although frowned upon, is permitted at this time and may be revoked at any time with notification.

FedEx vac and its staff work hard to produce and maintain a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere. Due to the immense diversity within the airline, this can sometimes be difficult so we ask that all pilots participate proactively in our efforts to keep this airline and the hobby that we love enjoyable, fun and safe. FedEx vac does utilize social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as well as a community forum and the voice chat software Teamspeak. FedEx vac requires that all of its members maintain a professional and friendly atmosphere as a representative of FedEx vac. This is a brief list of what will NOT be tolerated in FedEx vac.

  1. Racism
  2. Sexism
  3. Solicitation
  4. Hazing
  5. Religious Recruiting
  6. Spamming
  7. Recruiting for other VA's
  8. Verbal Abuse
  9. Cyber Bullying
  10. Threats of ANY Form
  11. Talk of Drug Use and/or Distribution
  12. Inappropriate Photos
  13. Hateful or Racial Slurs or Derogatory Remarks


FedEx vac will continue to make every effort to provide an enjoyable and fun atmosphere for all of its members. We are highly dedicated in keeping our hobby of flight simulation a passion for all those who wish to experience, learn or train basic and advanced piloting skills. We are in no way a flight school and any teachings here are strictly for flight simulation purposes. We are excited to have you on board and look forward to seeing you in the skies!

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