Airline Stats

  • Airline Stats
  • Total Pilots: 735

    Total Aircraft: 287

    Total Schedules: 611

    Total Flights: 10713

    Total Flight Hours: 33368.56

  • Total Miles Flown: 13806197

    Total Flights Today: 6

  • Recruitment

  • Airline Status: Active

    Pilot Recruitment: Open

    Staff Recruitment: Closed

Welcome to FedEx Virtual Air Cargo!

Welcome to our new site. We are happy to annouce that we are now accepting applications for new pilots! While we have just joined the phpVMS family, on our old ACARS system we were the largest Cargo hauling airline, hauling 11 Billion Lbs of cargo in nearly 100,000 flights! Here at FedEx Virtual Air Cargo we allow our pilots to fly any route on any aircraft type at anytime! We don't believe in strict criteria, but do request our pilots stay active by flying 2 flights a month, or let us know if they are unable to! We are an airline that is run by adults that understand the meaning between a blance of fun, structure and education. So whether you like to fly offline using AI aircraft or Online with our real pilots we offer something for everyone!!! Happy Landings!

Recent Flights

  • Most Recently Submitted PIREPS
  • CHA183 - Bob A

    FDX122 - LUIS E

    FDX119 - Chris L

    CHA3141 - Ricardo H

    CHA4285 - Alex G

    FDX501 - Adam M

    CHA6505 - Francisco J

    CHA535 - Brandon C

    FDX82 - Adam M

    CHA183 - Bob A

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